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September 26, 2006


ferdinand sande idio

i posted a message of my condolences regarding the death of our beloved former vice mayor ruben abalos, also a friend but somehow, it was deleted and it's just did not go thru. just wanted to express my sympathy but i do not see it at all.


I recognized you now. So my strong and gut feelings about Bona is true. Of course, we always include her,the family and Batch '75 in general in our prayers.

otaner quinto

To Batch '75 Family,

We always look for Bona de Vera Parayno when we need help of any kind. I have a very simple request to express our gratitude to all her and her husband's generosities, "Let's include her and her husband in our daily prayers that they'll always be in good health, so that they can continue their good deeds". Thank you.


Hi Bona,
Gloria's daughter, Dianne, surfed the net and found our website, Aliguas Mangaldan, and of course STCS Class 1975. Anne Buaron, Arnie Tanguilig and your other batchmates are organizing a response to Dianne. What you folks are doing gives life to the third element of the mission statement of Aliguas Mangaldan, "...and a collaboration forum to assist our town of Mangaldan (and its members)...".
Thank you STCS Class 1975!

Bonafe de Vera Parayno

Dear Kuya and Atchie Marie,

First of all..thank you for sharing this info. re: Gloria Aquino..I will get in contact with our classmate Anne Buaron and/ or Principal Arnulfo Tanguilig asap..we will try our very best to help our classmate and a friend.. something that will be coming from the heart and in spirit.. Regards..



I have alerted STCS Class '75 about your comment here in Aliguas Mangaldan. Hopefully, they will get in touch with you.

All the best,


To whom it may concern, I am Diana Aquino Bañez, daughter of Gloria Bañez y Aquino who was formerly residing in Mangaldan,Pangasinan. Now our family were residing in Cauayan, Isabela. Its just so happened that a week ago,my mom was diagnosed to have cervical cancer and the doctor told us that she has to undergo chemoradiation therapy for her treatment. And as her daughter who is not earning money yet, I cant think of any other way to help her but to find people who can help us financially to support her treatment.

My brothers were just an ordinary employee and they were helping me financially with my studies. I am now a 4th year nursing student here in the Philippines. I told them that i wanted to stop to help them with our problem but they wont allow me. Honestly they dont know about this. When i surf the net to find ms. Bona De Vera's email who's actually my moms classmate way back in high school, i accidentally saw this website in the net. I remember that she talled me before when she attended their reunion in Mangaldan that ms. De Vera has very successful job abroad right now.. unfortunately i cant find where to contact her.

Now i just humbly asking for your help, to please help us especially my mom who is your "kababayan" .I want my mom to live longer and it really pains me that i cant do anything about it. With this i am hoping for your financial help. Any amount will be higly appreciated.

You can contact me with this email address or at my mobile no. 09204081563
Hope for your kind help. Thank you very much and Godbless..

aris aquino

Please visit our website for complete minutes of the stcs alumni meeting.

thank you.

Marie Aquino Junio

My dear Bona ,

Thank you very much for your greetings for our 1st Anniversary .

I thank you for all your support in surfing and contributing articles which were posted and which made our kabaleyans very happy and "akailiw ed kabaleyans tan say baley tayo ". I hope you will continue surfing and contributing news or articles that would interest our townmates .

You did a good job in bringing to our kabaleyans medical and dental services to STCS. Kudos to you and the volunteers . Continue what you have started and we will always be behind you.

Take care and good luck to all your great service to our town and kabaleyans..

Atchi Marie

Bona de Vera Parayno

Dear Kuya Djoma and Atchi Marie,

Hello..Congratulations and more power to " Aliguas Mangaldan Website".

I congratulate you both for making a concious decision in order to bridge the gap of our "kabaleyans" who are homesick and the like(vice-versa).Feeling of "makakailiw"goes far beyond the 4 corners of their walls in any country our "kabaleyan's" resides.We are very well informed of our hometown and its townfolks all over the world because of you two!

Through this have provided a fostering environment to us all!!We do appreaciate all your tireless efforts and profound dedication for this site.More power to both of you and God Bless!!

Again,my warmest congratulations...Happy Anniversary.

Marie Aquino Junio

Hi, Raffy , salamat ed inpan sulat mo ed sikami nen Djoma . Baleg met ya pisasalamat mi ed panag suportam tan panag basam na saray isusulat mi ed samay website na Mangaldan . Pinabpabli mira so iiter yoran litrato tan informasyon ya basaen na aray kabaleyan tayo . Manliket ira no walay nababasa da ya makapan conekta ed inpanayam da ed Mangaldan lalo la no datin kabat damay akan litrato .

Misalamat kami ed ontombok iran pansuportam tan pan "surf " mo ed sayay website tayo ya taga Mangaldan . Malikiliket kami ta dakel so napapaliket mi ya datin kabaleyan tayora . Ikumustaan mo kami ed saray pinablim ya pamiliam . Keep in touch ...

Atchi Marie

Marie Aquino Junio

Hello , Boy , thank you for your greeting and thank you for your constant surfing and "following through " at our website . It is great to know that you are a very loyal follower and we are happy that you have reconnected with former classmates and friends in Mangaldan through the web. We hope to receive more news and pictures of Mangaldanians in your area , Boy .

We'll keep on posting as long as you and our kabaleyans keep on sending us materials to work on and as long as you and the Mangaldanians keep on surfing our website . We also need your feedbacks or comments every now and then.

Thank you again , Boy , and keep in touch .


boy moulic

hello marie and djoma,
greetings from the garden warmest congratulations to both of you for pioneering this very very informative and powerful website.."Happy 1st Anniversary Aliguas Mangaldan" are doing an excellent job out there..Thx so much for finding the time in posting messages thereby connecting and reconnecting fellow mangaldanians in and out of our beloved town..for your info., i am a constant visitor of "Aliguas Mangaldan".. at least 4 to 5 times a day..through the website, i was able to track down lost friends and relatives alike..
my best wishes to both of you and pls. keep on posting......

silverio ""boy moulic jr.
STHS Class 61
will attend the re-union next year. I am calling all classmates:
boy moulic .....732-754-5247
puri de vera ...818-543-1831
annie penullar .415-859-5374
perla biala ....650-244-9236
remy barrozo ...415-239-4123
purita aquino ..714-816-0230
melendre fuertes 808-269-2959
lorna aquino ... 586-954-0319
poli abrazaldo ..909-860-6807
piedad lambino ..908-369-7894

Marie Aquino Junio

My dear Anne,

Thank you for your greetings . It is a great letter ! ! It has been truly a great experience to be reconnected with our town and our kabaleyans . The satisfaction of being one of the instruments for such reconnections are truly immeasurable .

I wish that we will be able to continue with our reconnection process . I hope you and the other contributors continue to be part of this process .

Thank you so much for what you have done , Anne , specially for the STCS Diamond Jubilee infos . Yes , we would like to hear from you more often about Mangaldan and our kabaleyans there and about important and interesting issues and " balbalitas " , if and when you can .

Salamat na balbaleg , Anne ..Take care . Keep in touch ...

Atchi Marie

anne m. evangelista - buaron, b''75

Dear Kuya Djoma and Atche Marie,

on September 26, 2007!!

Since your initial launching last September 26, 2006, you both have succeeded tremendously in reaching, connecting and reconnecting the people of our beloved Mangaldan all over world through this website.

I've known this website early February this year through my STCS HSmate Ms. Bonafe De Vera-Parayno. From that time on, up to the present, I could observe the great transformation and improvement of the site. Our kabaleyans are just waiting and looking for a place or site to conect an reconnect. And ALIGUAS DID IT PERFECTLY !, SWAK na SWAK for all of us....

When I initially browsed the website, immediately, my instinct urged me to post a message regarding our invitation to the Medical and Dental Mission last February 20, 2007. It was sponsored by our very generous batchmate Bona De Vera-Parayno, together with the STCS Batch 75, in cooperation with the Administration, faculty, staff and students.

The Medical and Dental Mission was so successful. So I posted a message to you inquiring where I could send some action pictures taken during the activity for possible posting in the Aliguas. You immediately replied to email the photos to you. Eventually, you created and posted the very 1st digital video film clips of the Mission for all the browsers to see, particularly our constituents of Mangaldan. So I continue to feed some updates of Batch '75 activities, but more importantly the coming STCS (60th) Diamond Jubilee and Grand Alumni Homecoming on March 1-3, 2008 in Mangaldan. The STCS Advisories were all posted for the Alumni's information and guidance. As a result, am proud to tell you, that a lot of Alumni had contacted/emailed me, inquiring on the details of the of the reunion.

Then one day, I was surprised when, I just read on the front page of Aliguas that that you have included my name as one of the contributing writers. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity, and also the best occassion, to say, "Thank you very much to both of you" I am very much elated and truly proud to be a member of the team. I will always cherish your encouragement and support extended to me.

As based here in Metro Manila, rest assured that I will do the best I can, to continue posting some updates not just STCS concerns. I could also share related info, that are worth sharing to our beloved kabaleyans all over the world.





rafael Rivera

Djoma & Atsi Marie,
Onona-ona so,komon oala kayo ed maong ya kipapasen, tan maksil ya laoas so laman yon lanang.Masantos ya labi o aguew ed sikayon amin ya taga mangaldan ed Vancouver.Masiado so liquet na saray taga mangaldan dia ed N.J., nen akabatan na totoo ya oala so nanpalinat ed Canada tan inconekta da ed interon mundo. misa-salamat ira ta saramay totoo ya ag-naneneng-neng,ya piga- pigaran taon so,bigla ya pinmaoay so ka lup-lupaan da ya agay lay gangana ra ni.Komon,nanonotan da so mangi-paoit na anggano muelag ya mensahe ed sayay primeron anibersaryo na "ALIGUAS MANGALDAN" Abante Mangaldan!!!!!!

Marie Aquino Junio

Dear Manny,

It is good to hear from you and your sankapirit ya comment tan sankapirit ya tipet regarding our STCS Diamond Anniversary Grand Reunion on March 1-3, 2008.

Say kumpleto ya informasyon nabasam o nanengneng mo ed subtitle "Santo Tomas Catholic School" ed Aliguas Mangaldan . Say maan anos ya mangi iter na detalye o informasyon ay si Anne Evangelista Buaron ta mimi meeting ya naynay dimad Mangaldan . No say labay mon amtaen met et samay reunion tayon Class'59ers , si Serafin Serafica so tepetan moy kumpleto ya detalye . Andi bali ta kabandaan mo ditan ed California , maenomay mo lan katongtongen ed telepono ..

Salamat , Manny ed inpansulat mo . Balitaan mo met kami no antora so ampetapetang ya balita ditad bandam . Kumusta met ed si Naida.

Keep in touch ...


manny biason

Ikdan moak pa kumon na anggan sangkapirit ya balita nipaakar ed say 'grand reunion' na STHS. Kapigan gawaen etc.

Salamant na balbaleg na naebatan mo yan antikey ya tepet ko.


Marie Aquino Junio

My dear Connie ,

Thank you very much for your comments on how our website affects you as a Mangaldanian . It has been a great experience for me to be an instrument in the reconnection process between us all " sankakabaleyans ". It is true that it gives us an unexplained nostalgia everytime we see or hear about our former townmates .I experience the same feelings everytime I write about our kabaleyans . In a way , being born and having grown up in Mangaldan give us that undefinable bond with the town and its people . Makapalikliket no nanengneng tayo ra may kabaleyan tayo , mas lalo ra may kaogawan tayora ya agtayo anengneng ya abayag la.

Misalsalamat kami ed sikayo ran manbabasa tan mansusulat ed sikami diad" Aliguas Mangaldan" tan say panagbisngao na maliket iran liknaan yo no nanenengneng yora so isusulat mi dia .

Mailalo kami sirin ya supportaan tan agkayora onsasawa ya manbasa tan mangiter na "feedback" odina "input " yo ed isusulat mira diad sayan website .

Connie and Eugene, thank you for your continuous surfing in our Mangaldan website and your inputs . I hope we can continue to help in the reconnection process with our townmates tan ma aliguas komon so panamaley tayon amin ..


Connie de Vera-Labonte

Congratulations to Aliguas Mangaldan on the First Anniversary Celebration of this invaluable avenue of reconnecting with our townmates!!! I must admit that I do not know all the people whose interesting lives are being shared on the website, but I do enjoy reading their stories and looking at their pictures, kind of sharing with their successes, triumphs and aspirations. The fact that these great people are from Mangaldan, my birth place, touches my heart with a certain nostalgia that is hard to explain. Thank you, Marie, Djoma and the whole Aliguas Mangaldan Team for your wonderful contribution to Mangaldanians around the world! God's blessings to you all!

ferdinand "sande" Idio

hello to all mangaldanians of vancouver,bc and neighborings areas. your link was probabaly the most visited website for mangaldanians residing outside vancouver. congratulation and kudos to all the people behind it eps. to djoma and marie. I don't know but I've been browsing these Aliguas website evrytime I open my computer and lately been very addicted of founding out what's happening in Vancouver and other places. I am by the way originally raised in Mangaldan and I knew a lot people who immigrated there in Vancouver and it's just soo nice to see them there alive and kicking. I saw some of my neighbors whom I grew up together like carolyn and gina cervas, my distant relatives like the mejias and penullars. It's great see them here although I have not heard and could not even remember the last time I saw them. I been living here in Nutley, NJ with my wife Elsa Rafael and my two boys Josh and Elliot. I am planning to go home next year hopefully take some pics of our town and would gladly share it to you. More power to your group and abante mangaldan!


Wala lay wikipedian Pangasinan diad . Marakep no makapan-contribute kayo na artikulo ra ed salitan Pangasinan.

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