How to Unblock US Netflix Using Different Methods

It’s so boring to learn that you don’t have the same rights like other people around the world regarding the same service, especially since there’s no such thing as a free Netflix account. This is because you’ve been limited due to your geographical location. This is one major reason to why the subject about unblocking US Netflix worldwide is rampart. It’s pretty easier than you might have thought of to change Netflix country and overcome these barriers set by the giant streaming site. All you need to do is to gather your mind and explore the various online methods available. If you’d like to enjoy the full Netflix version of the US regardless of your place and time, read through this article and you’ll know what to do.

Method One: Netflix DNS proxy servers

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A bunch of web sites teach you the way to get free Netflix accounts

With this method, you’ll have to use SmartDNS to unblock Netflix library with proxy for good. You’re required to use the SmartDNS proxy to server to mask your IP address and get US IP. In other words this is your ticket to access US Netflix since this is a GEO-IP restricted service that we are discussing about. No encryption is involved in the whole process of tunneling your internet connection via one of the SmartDNS proxy servers. This means you’ll not encounter lowering of the internet performance you’ll be getting. This is helpful and extremely important when it comes to streaming of live HD content.

Indisputably Unblock US is one of the best and most reliable SmartDNS proxy services out there. It offeraccess to Netflix, Hulu, Spotify and much more, but the best part of it is, it’s inexpensive. You’ll be given detailed instructions to the set up process according to the OS and device you’ll be using. The process is dead simple.

Method Two: The use Free Extensions over Proxies

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Loads of folks are getting free Netflix accounts

Depending on the browser that you’ll be or you’re using, you can seek some free extensions. The extensions can then be applied to your device allowing you to stream full US Netflix. Some of these extensions you can seek include;

Hola- You can try this extension for free regardless of the browser you’re using. This is a solid solution that will help you to unblock restricted sites including Netflix.

Media Hint- this extension is offered to Firefox and Chrome with 7 days free trial. If you’re satisfied with MediaHunt, you can subscribe to a monthly plan of $3.95 which comes with discounts to prolong commitment.

ProxMate- This extension works on Firefox only. It is worthy trying as it provides gratis and also unblocks those restrictions deriving from your exact locations.

Proxy for Netflix Free- Works on Chrome and it will enable you to unblock full US Netflix version without any delay. This extension is provided free of charge but there is another version which is more solid but it costs 99cents.

Method Three: Make Good use of VPN instead of Proxy Server

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Original free Netflix accounts are invented on a regular basis

Over the past few years the use of VPN to unblock US Netflix has grown on a large scale. The use of VPN will allow you to conceal your identity online. And the best part is that you can choose among the plethora of VPN servers remotely located in all parts of the world. In case of unblocking a restricted US Netflix site, you’re expected to connect the web via a US remote VPN server. If you do so, you’ll acquire a US IP address instantly.

VPN has the reliability of unblocking results and apart from that; it will enhance your overall online security to the maximum. With full encryption of your data traffic, you not need to worry about being spotted by censorship appliers and eavesdroppers, hackers, government institutions, snoopers or any other person online. ExpressVPN is one fine example of recommended VPNs for unblocking Netflix and being kept safe.

What are Pros and Cons of Each Method?

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There is always quite a lot of guidance on how you can get free Netflix accounts

The use of SmartDNS proxy servers is easier than that of VPN. No complication in setting up and its performance aren’t downgraded due to encryption. It is therefore fast and offers quality live streaming.

Lack of encryption on the other hand means you can’t hope for better protection online. You can only unblock geographically restricted sites. The results aren’t guaranteed as there is the issue of finding the right extension for each browser. In addition, many extensions are free initially but later they require some sort of fee.

Last but not least the use of VPN is a bit slow because of the encryption. The encryption it offers provides a safe environment which doesn’t include online hazards. The pros of VPN outweighs the cons. So the best method to unblock US Netflix everywhere in the world is VPN. Try out and see the results.